Moving In Week Arrives!

The month of July is always a hectic one for the Kexgill Preston team. Tenants move out on the 30th June each year and for the majority of our properties, the next tenancies begin during July. This signals the start of summer repairs – consisting of painting, cleaning, gardening, carpeting, installing furniture and much more besides!

This particular July saw World Cup fever grip the nation (a welcome distraction from the hard work!), Emily, our Office Assistant, had her surprise birthday and the weather was so hot, we all caught a tan!

Each year, a selection of our students join the team to help get our properties ready. Whilst working hard themselves, they also get to experience the amount of hard work and effort that the Kexgill team put in to ensure our properties are looking the very best they can for our new intake of students. 

Feedback is vital and we have received some fantastic comments from our new tenants. The hard work and long shifts are all made worthwhile when hearing such nice reviews. Below is a selection of photos we have taken during the month!